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How Good A Negotiator Are You Quiz

How Good A Negotiator Are You? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Dec 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
Does the word "negotiate" give you the shivers? Or does it give you an adrenaline spike? Do you often feel others are taking advantage of you? Or are you the kind who finds it a breeze to get others to do things for you? While many of us may never need to negotiate a business deal, negotiation is something all of us do intuitively, beginning from the time we learnt how to wheedle an extra bar of candy from a reluctant parent. Take this quiz to check out how good a negotiator you are.
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1. It's been a heavy week at work, and you have your hands full. Out of the blue, your boss calls you in with an urgent request - to take on an additional project that is actually the responsibility of a colleague on leave. What is your response?
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2. Your partner wants to go to a movie but you would rather spend a romantic evening at home. What do you end up doing?
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3. You're at a jumble sale where some interesting stuff is being sold in lots. You are particularly interested in two lots, but want to buy only some items from each. What do you do?
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4. You're a successful consultant with an impressive portfolio, and a client refers a friend to you. At the first meeting, you are shocked when the new person offers to pay at rates far below your normal fees, but promises volume business. What do you do?
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5. You're planning to visit a favorite relative, for whom you usually take a special gift which you get from the other end of town. This visit you don't have the time needed to get the gift, but she has stated her expectation of the gift. What do you do?
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6. You're standing in the check-out queue after your grocery shopping, with a cartload of items. Suddenly you spot your neighbor rushing towards you with a single item. He is in a bit of a rush, and wants you to add his purchase to your bill. What do you do?
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7. You love your job, though you know this time around will not be a great increment in salary. Out of the blue, you get a job offer with a higher pay - but not a portfolio you particularly like. You're torn between the better pay and work satisfaction. What do you do?
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8. A long-lost friend drops in unexpectedly and wants to spend the evening painting the town red. You're delighted to see your buddy, but you have some pressing errands. What do you do?
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9. You're watching two kids have a test of strength. How do you react?
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10. You're watching your favorite game show and your nephew asks to switch to a cartoon channel. What do you do?

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