Reactive vs Responsive How Mature Are You Quiz

Reactive vs. Responsive: How Mature Are You? Quiz

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What is your anger quotient? Do you get hurt easily? Are most of your actions knee-jerk reactions or considered responses? Do you tend to fly off the handle or are you able to moderate your reactions with a touch of wisdom and restraint? Take this quick quiz to check your level of emotional maturity.
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1. Which of the following descriptions do you think suits you best?
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2. How do you typically react when colleagues or friends joke about you or something precious to you?
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3. How would your friends describe you?
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4. You're excited because you've planned a surprise - you've got tickets for a show you've both been wanting to see - but your partner can't come because they have prior date with a visiting school friend. How do you feel?
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5. You're in a shopping mall and your arms are laden with purchases. Suddenly, a little kid, in the excitement of spotting something he wants, bumps hard into you and your stuff scatters all over. The kid offers a perfunctory apology and rushes off. What do you do?
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6. You've been working late for consecutive nights and your sister is concerned. She calls you when you're immersed in a complex problem and asks if you've eaten. What do you say?
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7. It's your birthday and your partner appears to have forgotten about it. What do you do?
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8. Your usually genial boss is one day unnecessarily rude and nasty. How do you cope?
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9. What you are faced with a crisis, what is your typical behavior?
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10. How easy it is for people around you to trigger you to anger, tears or sulking?

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