The Devilish Love: Dangerous Temptations Test

created on Feb 6, 2010
Personality Quiz
A lot of people like to say that money and materialistic things cannot buy them true love. Well, this test will quiz you and see if you are telling the truth. It will test your love for yourself and others, honesty, and rather or not temptations can get the best of you. At the end, you will find out if you are good, very good, bad, very bad, or in the middle. There are no right or wrong answers. Give your best response. Be honest. You will see that all of the questions have ironic answers as you go through the test. So can the devil's temptations buy your love? Let's find out now!
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1. Guys/Ladies would you date a girl/guy that was:
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2. Would you prefer to date someone that was
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3. Would you kill for money?
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4. If your spouse repeatedly cheated on you, and they were rich, famous, and powerful-Would you stay with them?
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5. Would you rather live in a:
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6. If you found out your family have been getting richer off of dirty deeds and the poor, what would you do
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7. Would you sleep with a sugar daddy or cougar for money/materialistic things?
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8. If a former lover framed you for murder, and you are found guilty. You would:
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9. Would you rather be:
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10. Would you rather your lover be:

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