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Are U Paitent Quiz

Are U Paitent? Quiz

created on Jun 2010
Personality Quiz
This is to see how paitent u are or how anticipated u can be?
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1. If a person walked by u and unnoticably droppped two 100 dollar bills wud u give back both keep one for urself nd give back da other or keep both?
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2. If u were a virgin and u really liked a friend nd dat friend wuz alone in da room wit u cud u wait or take?
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3. If u wuz in line nd da customer in front of u wuz talking to a friend deeply conversated wud u sneek pass tap his/her shoulder to move up or wait in line?
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4. If da car dats in front of u is at a red light nd da light turns green to turn nd he or she stalls do u?
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5. U need 4.89 to buy ur candy bar nd u only have 4.86 a man drops 4 pennys by da candy stand do u?

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111 Times Taken
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Created: Jun 2010
Last Viewed: Sep 13
Last Commented: Aug 2014
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