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Famous Couples Quiz

Famous Couples Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Some of history’s more famous, or infamous, couples. Will you someday join their ranks?
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1. Although their television on-screen marriage outlasted their legal one, they continued to be life long friends and their production company went on to produce hits such as The Untouchables and Star Trek.
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2. Married in 1895, this couple together won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.
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3. The ultimate example of how patience and communication can affect a relationship. This tragic couple is the epitome of star-crossed lovers.
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4. Seemingly a plot that only Shakespeare could invent, before they married this real life couple was almost father and daughter.
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5. Rumors of a split of this famous couple in 1996 nearly crashed the company. The "other guy" Blaine has since disappeared.
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6. She bore him three children although he was still married to the grand-niece of her former lover who also fathered her a child! (Sheesh. I need a family tree to follow this.)
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7. Many blame this relationship for the breakup of the Beatles. Maybe so, but they obviously were very much in love.
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8. Although more of a tragedy than a romance, theirs was a life full of challenges, passion, politics and art. Their love survived it all, even a divorce. They remarried a year later.

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