MasterOfUselessKnowledge3: Ultimate Lunacy Supremo Quiz

created by sirLarryIII on Oct 5, 201074 yrs old, Clump, Kildare Ireland
The final and ultimate test,and third installment of the quite unpopular MasterOfUselessKnowledge trilogy.Only you can tell if you hav'nt got what it takes to win the crown and title of UltimateMasterOfUselessKnowledge!
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1. Farting at funerals creates..?
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2. While m**turbat with the aid of a consenting glove puppet,does this count as another person?
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3. Heavy breathing phone calls are a socially acceptable part of the dating game in which area of the world?
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4. Vampire books/films/t.v.shows appear in popular culture during recession times because..?
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5. 2012 marks the end of?
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6. Eating weapons grade plutonium will cause?
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7. In the general scheme of things the fsct that Santa only gets one nightshifts employment per year,and has to pretend he's happy with that for rest of his days for the sake of millions of children,did Jesus Christ get off lightly in the fact that he only had to die once?
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8. Dog kiev is far tastier than chicken Kiev?
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9. Should George W.Bush,Bill Clinton and Tony Blair be cryogenically frozen so that future fans at comedy clubs can get a taste of what they missed out on first time around?
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10. Do you miss the good ol days when things were bland,lifeless and inoffensive?

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