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Five Q about the American flag Quiz

Five Q. about the American flag Quiz

created by surprizeme on Jul 201162 yrs old, new orleans, Louisiana, USA
Americans love our flag. We display it at concerts and stadiums to celebrate, and at times of national tragedy to show our resolve. We have our schoolchildren pledge allegiance to it; we have consecrated it in our national anthem; we have a holiday to honor it — Tuesday, in fact. Yet the iconography and history of the American flag, especially its early history, are like duh. Did u know that a national poll was taken and 10% believed the sun revolves around the earth still - crazy shit there. Anyway.....
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1. Betsy Ross made the first American flag.
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2. The red, white and blue colors symbolize American sacrifice.
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3. The Pledge of Allegiance has long been recited in Congress and other governmental bodies.
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4. It is illegal to burn the American flag.
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5. It's okay to wear a Stars and Stripes T-shirt.

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