Are you ready to date someone who has kids Quiz

Are you ready to date someone who has kids? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200934 yrs old, Connecting Singles
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There comes a time when many of us are presented with the choice of dating a person who has young kids. At first, the kids may not be much of an issue. But what happens when you actually fall for a person who has to put the needs of their children first? This test will give you a few things to consider before you find yourself cooking up cupcakes for a PTO bake sale.
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1. When you are on a date with someone their cell phone should be left
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2. When you meet the kids for the first time you
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3. You have a romantic dinner planned then one of the kids gets sick, you
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4. You have a weekend getaway planned, but your date starts feeling guilty about leaving the kids. You,
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5. Your perfect Saturday night at home is
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6. When with other people's kids you
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7. Kids normally are not found under rocks or delivered by storks. When your date brings up the other biological parent you
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8. The night of the kid's basketball game, your date is stuck at work you

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