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Women Only : Quiz

created by PASSIONATE41 on Mar 201257 yrs old, Summerville, South Carolina, USA
Personality Quiz
This Quiz will determined If you are Insecure,Jealous,Catty, High Maintence,Too Dependent on Anyone / Everyone reciving/ making calls Etc..
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1. When you see another prettier woman that you think that's better in shape than you What's The First thing that first crosses your mind?..
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2. When Im not with my boyfriend / husband is not with me, I always think that he is cheating on me?..
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3. When im with my boyfriend or Husband,he always looks & stares and sometimes Talks to other women that he sees and or comes across. and i feel Un - appreciated
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4. I always snoop& check to see If My Boyfried /Husband has other women's phone numbers on his cell phone or wallet. And the internet
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5. I cant get through The day or night with out calling and talking or recieving a phone call from my cell phone
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6. If & whenver i see another woman sitting close to my man, Im thinking she is taking my man away from Me flirting with him then ill say thing like this How can you do something like this?.. That Is my man
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7. When I see or with my friends or another woman I have to have totally control of the conversation letter her know that Im always right,think she knows it all Im smarter
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8. I lie & minipulate my friends and also a Prettier better in shape woman that i think is prettier, more in shape bigger bust, prettier longer hair .
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9. If you was at your Female friend or a female family member's get together like a cookout or family reunion and 1 or some family members was talkin g with laughing / flirting with your man, What will you think, say or even do?..
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10. When you see another woman what's The very first thought that come across your mind?
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11. Wether at home or in my car, at work, at the mall, watching tv laying in my bed I always look & watch, make a phone calll and or make a phone call from my cell phone even ill do texting i even call my boyfriend/ hubsand Becasue Icant go about my day with out doing all these things
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12. I always call my husband / Boyfriend to check up on him all day I always think that he is with another woman, even having sex with her and going to strip clubs.

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