Why We Do That at Weddings Quiz

Why We Do That at Weddings? Quiz

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Weddings were not always as delicate and lovely as they are today. Many things we now do in weddings have their roots in ancient tradition. Take this Comical Quiz on Wedding Traditions

Remember, though, that regardless of how a tradition started, they become meaningful to us because of how they add to the wedding experience today. So, throw the bouquet, throw rice, (or birdseed), whatever... just make sure the groom carries the bride over the threshold, because hey, it's not like he has to walk around with a train all day!
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1. Why are brides carried over the threshold?
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2. Why does the groom stand to the bride's right?
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3. Why does the bride carry a bouquet of scented flowers?
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4. Why do families sit on opposite sides of the church aisle?
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5. Why do people throw rice at weddings?

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