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How are you when you go to the Hairdresser nice bossy or superior Quiz

How are you when you go to the Hairdresser, nice, bossy or superior Quiz

created by cloudy58 on Nov 201261 yrs old, Dee Why 2099 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Personality Quiz
The Hairdressor shows a person's real personality, they are paying for a service and some people think that the Hairdresser should know them when they have never done their hair before.

It shows a person's manners and real style
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1. How important is it for you to go to the Hairdresser even if it takes your families Dinner money away
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2. Is your trip to the Hairdressing Salon a time for you to be a control freak or to just be a nice person
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3. Do you have one Hairdresser where you know all the staff and know them well
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4. Are you starting to get worried about dinner
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5. Are you like this in other areas of your life
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6. Is your appearnce much more important to you than anything else in your life
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7. In conclusion so you think you are vain and selfish
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8. How much money do you spend on yourself and how much do you spend on your family

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