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created by VanVogt on Apr 7, 2013 44 yrs old, Commercy, Lorraine France
Personality Quiz
Do you get frustrated when you take personality quizzes that the answer you want is not offered?
Do you tick "other" just to be different?
Do you have a "problem" with "authority"?
If it is possible to answer "a bit of both" or "neither" to you tick that without thinking?
Maybe you just think people are more complex than a few quick multiple choice questions... let's find out.
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1. You are getting ready for a date, but your hair is a mess even though you only went to the salon two days ago. What do you do?
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2. Once the "hair" issue is dealt with, you get in your car to set off for the date. It doesn't start.
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3. You meet up with the person who is sharing your date. They ask you to suggest somewhere to go, and tell you to be spontaneous.
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4. You get to the place you chose, and someone else starts "hitting on" (I believe that's the expression) your "date".
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5. It's getting late, and your date is a little the worse for wear (this is a charming expression which means "they had too much to drink"). Nonetheless, they seem keen to partay (this is another expression used by sections of the youth to mean to have sociable fun, often involving alcohol).
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6. Eventually, the two (or more) of you go back to your place. It is very untidy.
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7. Things start to get "steamy".
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8. You are basking in the afterglow.
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9. The following morning version #1: You wake up and your date is still there.
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10. The following morning version #2: You wake up and your date is gone.

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