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Are you being cheated on Quiz

Are you being cheated on? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles
Personality Quiz
Are they really working late or helping out that sick friend? Should you trust your instincts or are you just being insecure and paranoid. What is going on?? Remember, this test is non-scientific and we have no responsibility for whatever accusation you throw out!
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1. When they are working late or are with a sick friend, do they answer their cell phone or at least return your call promptly?
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2. Do phone conversations suddenly become very private, for example do they quickly leave the room before answering their phone?
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3. Are they recently working out more or have they had a "procedure" done?
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4. The ratty cotton undies have disappeared underneath a drawer of silks or Calvin boxer briefs, have you enjoyed the upgrade or is it witnessed from afar?
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5. After a few nights of their working late, you are suddenly covered in kisses and flowers, but it's very short lived and then they are back to working late.
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6. No matter what you do lately it's wrong and or always your fault. You feel you are falling short of expectations and are being set up to fail.
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7. You are reviewing your finances. Money has been spent but is unaccounted for and explanations are vague.
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8. The amount of hang-up calls at your house suddenly increases.
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9. Your significant other goes on vacation. Any jewelry you gave them is left behind.
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10. Intimacy between you and your partner is non-existent, either physically or emotionally or both.
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11. Simple questions receive defensive answers. For example, the question "Were you working late?" is answered with "Why, are you checking up on me?" Instead of, "Yes, and I'm exhausted."

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