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What do women look for in a guy Quiz

What do women look for in a guy? Quiz

created by Sean344 on Dec 201445 yrs old, toronto, Ontario, Canada

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1shawn montego bay, Saint James JamaicaMay 13, 2017
Does anyone care about love
Love is just a random feelings

The above is response after taking the test.
MapleLeafLady St. John's, Newfoundland Canada28 QuizzesApr 9, 2017
I found this too religious! Do people really go on dates at "church"?
frandam edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland UKNov 5, 2016
am one caring guy who will stick by my womans side and will help in every way and single day in our lifes
DDawson59 davenport, Iowa USAAug 5, 2015
Looking for a caring, grounded women, that has standards beyond the fickle worlds bs. seems simple stupid maybe to some, but we both know what to expect and share the same view.
tammy8227 springfield, Ohio USAFeb 22, 2015
i took the test, showed that i was looking 4 a caring person..
tallteddybear barnhart. Mo, Missouri USA3 QuizzesJan 21, 2015
I feel their are many type of love? LOVE is the glue in the married ? I feel Love of one self... love of being with someone.. love of the body..I feel that is one night stand or fast sex ... But true LOVE IS one of the feeling of one . the deeper the love the deeper is the feeling in the heart, body... mind.... and soul? Their is the LOVE of thinking of someone ,,, that love warm your soul and heart.. Love of the eye only is lust and fast sex and one night stand . If you should fall in love ???? Love has so many leg's and arm that reach out ??? that love is their when you are sick in bed, their when you are having your bad day? That love will help pick-up thing's around you , to turn day from bad to loving day. Love of a man arm around you, that warm you on the inside .. The love of seeing and kissing and hugging , That love warm your soul. The love of being side by side ..Looking back to see if they are looking back at you . I feel love is in one self and just glow from the inside out of the person . You can walk and just feel the warm of that person ? SO THAT IS MY SHORT TAKE ON LOVE ? Take it or leave it??? I can say I can love ??? any taker ?
Stephanesingle Helsinki, Southern Finland FinlandJan 5, 2015
This is true word.
I do like the Quest a lot.

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