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How Chivalrous Are You Quiz

How Chivalrous Are You? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Dec 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles

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realdeal890 in the mountains and forest, Westmeath Ireland3 QuizzesJul 30
I'm a knight wooooooooo drinking
USBigHeart Liverpool, New York USA7 QuizzesOct 1, 2019
93% chivalry
Super Chivalrous

Ah, that made my night! I knew I am Chivalrous. Thanks to my mom! She taught me.

Was voted for best chivalry. However, the girls said they prefer to date a bad boy. A trouble maker. And I knew they would vote for that certain trouble maker in school. That really hurts me in school. I still do that but today, people... they want those bad boys and bad girls. Sick.
REALLY333 MANCHESTER TWP.,NJ, New Jersey USAJun 11, 2019
BenCellini Northern Victoria, Victoria AustraliaJul 19, 2018
Just call me old fashioned! Good manners matter, always. wine
lookn4you1957 Benton, Kentucky USA30 QuizzesMar 6, 2016
not surprised,I know me very well , so,moving onto the next tests,Thanks,but that one was a no brainer, ha-ha,later, Ron...
freedom355 MORGAN, Vermont USA4 QuizzesJul 26, 2015
all in a day's work.grin
cloudedheart dublin, Dublin IrelandAug 28, 2012
hmm the game Q ??? try calling ur other half over when shes watching corrie or some crap soap like that laugh ..nothing wrong with wanting to watch a game,if its something really important u'd turn it off,but from experience when a woman wants to talk about her day at work,its fair to say its mostly gossip she heard tongue

also women should think twice about wantng to be treated by someone from the 1100's....unless ur of high calibre,they'd run you over on their horse quicker than slow down.....

i think women nowadays are more into equal rights being offered rather than a saying that i always offer a seat to elderly people and women over a certain age,but call me a bastard but i dont think i've ever offered a seat to a 20something i've seen a lot more women staying in their seats when elderly men and women board a bus or train.....
coldplay7774 Chapel Hill, North Carolina USAMar 12, 2012
This is Tim, and I suppose I am semi-chilvarous. Why? Because I want to watch the Big Game on ESPN and have the hunny come over to the couch so I can conversate with one eye on the game and one on her? Is that really so wrong and inconsiderate?? Maybe she should initiate some moves on me to redirect my full attetion to her... or is that just chauvanist???! Lol.
velsix Kilmorna, Kerry Ireland16 QuizzesFeb 24, 2012
I was brought up in an era where good manners were the norm. As a Man it was always my place to put women and the older generation's well being first. It costs nothing to be polite and to give respect when required, something that seems to be lacking with the present population of teens and 30 to 40 year olds. I just hope that when they reach my age, if things don't change, they will realise how it feels to be treated as they treated my generation.
Bengal24 Chicago, Illinois USASep 20, 2011
It is a great quiz. How about a Gentlemen Quiz if there isn't one already
LoveDoctor37 Moss Point, Mississippi USA22 QuizzesAug 17, 2011
I know I'm a good person at heart.Always caring for others.
WantedForLife Melbourne, Victoria AustraliaJul 5, 2011
The one quetion I got wrong wasnt that clear to me. It would have gone either way. Basically this more about being a gentleman than a knight, but I know what you mean.
A good quiz. thumbs up
kemel1979 homs, SyriaOct 29, 2010
hi>>>:i want sexy hot girl plees/will you help me??i like s*xual course mmmmmgift kiss kiss kiss heart wings heart wings handshake
jeddah12 singapore, Central Singapore Singapore104 QuizzesJun 25, 2010
iam a very honest and iam a believer of respect begets respect....hug angel

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