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Which Member of the Enterprise Crew Are You Quiz

Which Member of the Enterprise Crew Are You? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Dec 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles

Comments for this Quiz

whitelily1online today!
whitelily1 Jakarta, Indonesia24 QuizzesMar 4, 2017
Luv mr Spock
Mycoy101 Crown Point, Indiana USA13 QuizzesMar 27, 2016
Wt? 50% Cork
sounds about right heart1
Gentlejim unknown, Wisconsin USA33 QuizzesFeb 13, 2016
Hey, they say I scored better than Kirk and the rest. They said I was superman! Go figure!confused rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Titanium_F Beautiful Country, Jakarta Indonesia8 QuizzesDec 10, 2015
I expected Tasha Yar or Data, but they are the next generation crews...yeah, honestly not a big fans of others but The Next Generation
BeadingGal Melkbosstrand CT, Western Cape South Africa25 QuizzesDec 15, 2014
banana Wow! spot on! I especially liked the favorite pet one - my answer : dog because you can train it to follow you where not man has gone before!!! (something like that) I absolutely lurve that! Thankspeace
johnking527 Indianapolis, Indiana USA10 QuizzesDec 24, 2012
They got alot of crazy guestions on here.
Toolman329 Ka-Boing, Missouri USANov 8, 2011
Quite comical! I should have known better! Couldn't I have been a Klingon or a Tribble, instead? Or how about an Iotian or Medusan? For sure, this IS a test I never should have gone before! Warp Ten, awa-a-a-ay!!!!!
shottaz point fortin, Point Fortin Trinidad and TobagoSep 9, 2011
captian kirk eh? Cool quiz
dave455 tulsa, Oklahoma USADec 20, 2010
How about that a 100% for Mr. Spock!!!
AntaresRain Bloomfield, New Jersey USANov 4, 2010
I turned out to be mainly Uhura? If we are talking Nichelle Nichols, don't I wish! I was in communications in the military, but I certainly don't have that elegant, queenly bearing!wow
mariel dublin, Dublin IrelandApr 6, 2010
yay Spock, he's my favourite character! Woohoo!peace cheering
rentr birmingham, West Midlands, England UKJan 13, 2010
nice quiz, who'd have thought it, im captain kirk, i always thought i was rick from casablanca, cheers
Juneau Blairgowrie, Tayside, Scotland UK94 QuizzesJan 12, 2010
Really fun quiz! Thanks!

I knew I AM actually Uhura...there is a photo to prove it on rentr's profile photographs!!! cheering cheering
Godslave Nowhere, North Carolina USADec 30, 2009
I thought this quiz was fun & my score as Uhura described me quite well!

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