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Cartoons Quiz

Cartoons Quiz

created on Mar 2010

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silverwolf109 Mio, Michigan USA11 QuizzesJan 25, 2015
The quiz was great, but I believe the first cartoon that Mickey Mouse was in was called "Steamboat Willie".
BoloTank Florence, South Carolina USA73 QuizzesOct 14, 2014
Hey!! I know my cartoons
10redducs54 Atlantic City, New Jersey USA7 QuizzesSep 16, 2014
Mickey Mouse first appeared in a cartoon called. Steamboat Willie Nov. 1928
postneoludite West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada17 QuizzesJul 20, 2014
thea thea thea thats all folks
fryman1980 Scottsbluff, Nebraska USADec 3, 2012
Awesome quiz:-) had to think alittle on some of the questions, lol!!!!! Goodthing i am a cartoon freak
tinalina münchen, Bavaria GermanyMay 23, 2012
I like it
HenryRoth78 Campbelltown, New South Wales AustraliaMay 10, 2012
HenryRoth78 Campbelltown, New South Wales AustraliaMay 10, 2012
Sorry Claire you got one wrong.. #7. Who created Scooby Doo..
Correct answer is "Scooby-Doo was created by Joe Ruby, Ken Spears, Fred Sinverman and Iwao Takamoto. The character was created in the year 1969 for Hanna-Barbera Productions!"
nailers kilkenny, Kilkenny Ireland2 QuizzesMar 15, 2012
and now everyone knows i'm a big childrolling on the floor laughing
artistic7 edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland UK12 QuizzesMar 10, 2012
thanks CLAIRE love cartoons could watch them all day alas not so many shown now I do miss them.
mrskinny2012 red deer, Alberta Canada4 QuizzesFeb 16, 2012
I like this quiz laugh
jimmyp32 Scunthorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire, England UKJan 14, 2012
Liked the quiz but could do with more tougher questions but it certainly brought back the good old dayslaugh
emsswass Bumfuckedegypt, Michigan USADec 15, 2011
Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat!
matlock12345 dallas tx, Texas USADec 13, 2011
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Lkn4trvlbde Mudgee, New South Wales Australia11 QuizzesNov 23, 2011
Wasn't Mickey Mouse's first short film 'steamboat willie'??
alonerdo Huixquilucan, Mexico State MexicoNov 12, 2011
wave bowing bowing bowing bowing applause handshake
alonerdo Huixquilucan, Mexico State MexicoNov 12, 2011
wave bowing bowing bowing bowing applause handshake
acdcrock Toukley, New South Wales Australia20 QuizzesNov 1, 2011
top quiz my friend very enjoyable i only missed question it was one about mickey mouse ha ha maybe you could make an updated cartoon one involving say nickelodian cartoons like sponguebob and catdog and the adult cartoons now on tv like simpsons and south park
again very fun hope to see more quizs :)
Tosibear Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, South Holland NetherlandsOct 3, 2011
With a score of 7 out of 10, got to say that eventho your getting older, somethings just never die. when you loved cartoons and viewed the old till the new. you just keep watching from time to time.

for those who dont by themselfs. when becomming a parent, be doomed if you dislike those things now. as with children. the whole parade starts over. cheering
roach666 manchester, Greater Manchester, England UKOct 3, 2011
wahoo 9 out of 10 lol not bad!
orchid5 Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland UK66 QuizzesSep 15, 2011
I still love cartoons/animation banana
1gypsysoul hamilton, Ontario CanadaJul 24, 2011
Love the test. Maybe I should grow up , well, just a little,eh.
I scored 8 of 10. Not bad for an old broad.
PurpleKnickers Whitburn, Lothian, Scotland UKMay 13, 2011
I didn't do too badly on your quizz. Got 7/10. I enjoyed this quizz a lot and thanku for putting it on here! xxapplause
GrantRenee Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England UKFeb 23, 2011
Paul518 hudson falls, New York USAJan 8, 2011
Very cool
lexar008 tulsa, Oklahoma USAJan 7, 2011
It was a perty cool test... I remember when i was little, i would want to fight over the channel if that cartoon with the rooster and the dog that allways "hated each other" it was my favorite and my super hero under dog.
maxhairball valdosta, Georgia USAJan 3, 2011
hi my username is maxhairball i loved your test you see i am two older then dirt
treddy85au Gold Coast, Queensland AustraliaJan 3, 2011
Can I ask the reference on Donald Duck DOB? On google it's stating 13 March 1914 and 1934 was when The Wise Little Hen was release. I'm confused?
dave455 tulsa, Oklahoma USADec 17, 2010
Plane Crazy was made before steamboat willie, but was released after steamboat willie with sound!
MaleABC Ocala, Florida USANov 27, 2010
wow i got 90 , I guess I like watching 90's cartoons .

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