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How God fearing are you Quiz

How God fearing are you? Quiz

created on Jul 2010

Comments for this Quiz

InLuvwithLuv Vilnius, Lithuania Minor Lithuania113 QuizzesFeb 1, 2019
not fearing at all
Donnaray Kingston, Jamaica2 QuizzesApr 3, 2018
Bless you all.
zhezhe1 hawkestone, Ontario Canada196 QuizzesDec 13, 2016
God fearing, get real, Im a atheist , and number 7 question , just wrong
2015Challenger Danville, Illinois USAAug 2, 2015
I was force fed religions lies as a child!!! RELIGION is the largest SCAM ever perptrated on humans!!! I have been a ATHEIST since I was 12yrs old Thats when my eyes were opened to the fairy tale lies of religion!!! I feel sorry for all the poor sots that give their hard earned money to churches, why don't you morons pray to your god and ask him or her or what ever it is to give money to your church. You all know deep down in your minds that that wont happen because god ain't real never has been and never will be!!!!!!!!
unstopabledeeonline today!
unstopabledee Union City, Georgia USAJun 29, 2015
I enjoy taking this quiz, it gave me a good sence of my Heavenly Fatherand where I stand with him.
minnieme2 Limerick, Ireland24 QuizzesJun 28, 2015
What a load of crap! Wrong result!
GrantM melbourne, Victoria AustraliaFeb 5, 2013
Very god fearing.. I have no reason to fear god - Isnt that the point?
cmiyer mumbai, Maharashtra IndiaFeb 29, 2012
i really like about gods in any form but i feel questions should b very tricky to know the true answers neverthless i liked my test
SWEETNESME Minneapolis, Minnesota USAJan 24, 2012
I really enjoy the question and I cannot make it with out God in my life so, I'm very God Fearing hey, more question.
lorentz halifax, Nova Scotia CanadaOct 27, 2011
generally only scammers are god fearing on the site..
Sunflour Moss bluff, Louisiana USAOct 9, 2011
Jesus is my Lord and Savior!
WantedForLife Melbourne, Victoria AustraliaJul 5, 2011
God Bless
Lind4 Wamena (Baliem Valley), Papua Indonesia15 QuizzesJun 18, 2011
really enjoy this one
wheelie2wheel baxter, Kentucky USAApr 5, 2011
we show my god we love him by keeping his commandments not by praying to him or by song my friend you still have some learning to do may god give you wisdom and understanding i will pray for you
2Misty C.T, Western Cape South AfricaMar 27, 2011
It's very interesting that most of the God Fearing people listed here are Women...
What happened to the males who were created first, in the image of GOD???
jadiss Paramaribo, SurinameMar 25, 2011
Dear lamoni,
I think there is an error on the answer of question no 7. instead of worshiong it must be worshipping.

jay4n2 oklahoma city, Oklahoma USADec 18, 2010
I liked the quiz! :)
arch_angel83 Mafia Wars Underdog, IndonesiaSep 10, 2010
this is my result: Not God fearing enough Dig deeper in the bible you will learn more, you only show little interest in god.

And I'll say It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship god, but to create him.
hockeymom1967 Wichita, Kansas USAAug 26, 2010
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