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What type of date are you Quiz

What type of date are you? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200931 yrs old, Connecting Singles

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specialsearcher Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England UKDec 20
I am certainly not Wishy Washy, I am just considerate. (You probably are not old enough to have gained such a positive nature)
There is very unlikely to be many with my confidence and indeed my strenth of opinion, but that does not stop me thinking of the person that I am with! (Cofidence and opinion do not have to mean that you are selfish)
Kenny4671 Lexington, Kentucky USASep 9, 2019
I'm single old fashioned type guy who is seeking a woman interested in dating a guy
Redex Northumberland, England UK39 QuizzesAug 31, 2017
I just knew i did not beleive the answer wishy washyrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing indeedy deed
WORLDPEACEFUL Phoenix, Arizona USA11 QuizzesFeb 16, 2017
oh my god! this quiz is also lazy! it only focus around three types of daters! selfish romatics and the indecisive:( not acurately portayed needsmany more options:( i practily losti nterest half way through:(
Gentlejimonline today!
Gentlejim unknown, Wisconsin USA33 QuizzesFeb 21, 2016
Whoever wrote this quiz, is full of shit! Get a life!
Likethesunshineonline today!
Likethesunshine Brussels, Brussels (Bruxelles) Belgium114 QuizzesJan 28, 2015
Yes, nothing to say!!! laugh
Rib4Adam college station, Texas USA6 QuizzesJul 12, 2014
I got wishy washy,but I'm not.There needs to be more choices to choose from.
4ever2love antwerp, Antwerpen BelgiumSep 30, 2013
The author of this quizz just want to be humorous, otherwise would have realized that the type of questions and their limitedness do not determine what kind of date a person is.

Besides, there are no hard and fast rules about dating. Dating is NOT A STATIC THING. What is pleasing and enjoyed by one lady might be displeading and abhorred by another. It is up to the man to find out what his date would enjoy......He has to do his homework.
safetydan Leesburg, Georgia USASep 23, 2013
This is a bogus quiz. How is it wishy washy, if you think skydiving is a great date? I believe that people feel sexy when they are comfortable! While I do think high-heels are sexy I don't need a woman to be dressed up to think she is stunning! Sexy women can rock flip-flops! Sexy starts in the mind!
me_g3 ohio, Ohio USAAug 10, 2013
dont like the score I got everybody is different too judgemental .
GO2COFOUBRO Chicago, Illinois USAMay 18, 2013
How do you delete a quiz profile?

I love quizzes and take a lot of them; strangely, this is the first one that didn't fit right. I agree with other comments that too much was assumed and the selections didn't quite jive with the outcome.

I would have named my result 'Cooperative' or 'Flexible' or maybe,
'Accomodating', but not wishy-washy; knowing that I am not so.

And, if I was cynical, I would add: Anyway, why care...this is a silly quiz ;~}!
loansomedave new york, New York USAMar 14, 2013
Not enough answers too the question on hand!!!!!
My opion both of you should ask the other witch do you prefer doing
that way you both find out if the other is confrontable or not at the same time!!!!!!
maryem123 Seattle, Washington USASep 21, 2012
I don't agree with my result, I don't think I'm wishy-washy 0.o
FunnyROMANTIXonline today!
FunnyROMANTIX Calgary, Alberta Canada15 QuizzesAug 30, 2012
If by wishy washy you mean flexible, good at give and take, compromising, unselfish AND NOT ALWAYS A DOMINANT PERSONALITY HAVING TO GET ONE'S OWN WAY....I Agree.handshake cheers
vcr50 Waco, Texas USAJul 31, 2012
good quiz
Nicholas2693 Redcliffe, Queensland AustraliaJul 6, 2012
there arnt enough options for this quiz, why cant we pick the movie togther etc
camxucdirong Nha Trang, Southcentral Coast VietnamJun 29, 2012
I'm classic and wishy-washy frustrated doh Oh my crying
longshorts Tallassee, AL, Alabama USAMar 31, 2012
This quiz is more oriented towards a female's dream. There is no preferences towards what a man would be comfortable with.
vernonadams the valley, AnguillaMar 5, 2012
i think that the quiz was good. But i don!t have much to say.
LadyTex Copperas Cove, Texas USAFeb 16, 2012
50% Traditional, 38% Adventerous and 12% wishy washy? What the heck?
I do not get the wishy washy. The rest sounds about right for me.
denise2465 concord, North Carolina USAJan 29, 2012
RunawayDreams Palm Bay, Florida USA71 QuizzesDec 30, 2011
dancing lol its all me!
Safingram Naas, Kildare IrelandNov 27, 2011
TheJackal11 Dublin, IrelandJul 22, 2011
Maybe i wouldnt have been traditional if the quiz maker provided better alternatives!! lol ;)
wanderlost Amsterdam, North Holland NetherlandsJun 18, 2011
oh please... some more options for not so mainstream folks in the world would be nice...

wishy washy my ...!

samantha68 Jefferson City, Missouri USAApr 28, 2011
Ok honestly I think the answer depend on what ur doing and results don't allow for that. Suit and heels awsome awsome, but not when hiking. Horse drawn carriage is very romantic, but that harley cruising down the highway to a private destination could be equally romantic. Doesn't make me wishy washy just says I wide variety of interest
jamielee Madison, Mississippi USAApr 22, 2011
I very much have a mind of my own, but I try to be flexible. What's wrong with that?
Babiizmama Auckland, New ZealandApr 6, 2011
what a dumb quizz make it a bit more exciting drinking
khan1459 midway, British Columbia CanadaMar 27, 2011
12% Traditional, 12% Adventurous, 75% Wishy-Washy
Hey! Make your OWN choices sometimes! There is something to be said for flexibility, but a person who never voices their own opinion quickly becomes annoying. Be sure to tell your date your preference now and then; you can still be flexible, but show them you do have a mind of your own. View comments for this quiz »
lol gad damed i u do damed if u dont i would be happy letting them do most things ive already probly done them or seen them and just want a low stress situation to occur lol
luvrainbows kingsland, Texas USAMar 23, 2011
That's really close!

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