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How Cuddle able Naughty are you Test

How Cuddle able & Naughty are you? Test

created by LifeThirst on Nov 201148 yrs old, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Quiz Results:
Heavenly Cloud + Pretty Naughty 68% Cuddle_ability, 51% Naughtiness
68% Cuddle_ability
51% Naughtiness

Heavenly Cloud + Pretty Naughty

In the cuddle side you are...
The Heavenly Cloud: Cuddling with you is like sleeping on a cloud... you are the BEST cuddlier there is, and there isn't anyone who wouldn't want to cuddle with you! In fact... your partner must be lucky!

And in the naughty side you are...
Pretty Naughty: You have a lot of naughty ides and habits. You love to have fun and others love to have it with you. You're probably a big flirt. You've had a lot of good times. GO YOU!

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