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Broccoli Soup Recipe

A filling healthy tasty easy recipe


2 Leeks chopped .. .1large onion chopped ......head of broccoli........celery sticks chopped optional .......1 large potatoe diced .... half cup of lentils ......Butter for frying .......1 vegetable cube ..........1 litre of boiling water ........grated cheddar cheese .......


1 Fry onion in butter til soft . 2 add leeks fry for 5 mins .....3 ....add diced potato celery and broccoli fry for 5 mins ....... 4 .add lentils ....5.....add vegetable cube dissolved in boiling water enough to cover veg......6 bring to boil then simmer til veg all softened .......7.remove from heat and liquidize with hand held blender 8 ...serve with grated cheese added to the soup and some nice fresh bread ....


You may omit lentils but are source of iron for vegetarians may omit celery may add carrot ....or 1 parsnip optional .... .adding grated cheese makes this a fliling healthy vegetarian meal thats got protein in form of lentils and cheese........broccoli has also got iron and is great way to get children to eat their greens ..... you may remove cup full of soup before liquidizing add back in if you like "chunky "soup .....enjoy next day just reheat.

Prep Time: 16 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Number of Servings: 6
Yield: 6 servings
Style: European

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Looks more like a vegetable soup to be sure to be sureprofessor

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