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My own variation Miso Soup Recipe

Suppose to used palette mouth cleanse but in our family we use it like use it for Keep warm and lunch time meal you have with rice and fish? Sometimes you skip rice and have mochi with it and Occassional fish in can.

Tastes good when your feeling down, also is good way to make people who feeling sad, feels you up, I used to make people in my family good. Its crowd pleaser for those who loves veggies.
My own variation Miso Soup


Miso paste, Red, white, (I seen new kinds) depends on how much water, Normally half pot, because water from vegetables will add to pot.

ta da Sauce pan - if big one and you put like four ramen in it then you picked very good size for miso soup.
Ladle to spoon out ingredients and put in small bowl to taste.
2 claw tongs would work
Knife to cut all your vegetables
small bowl for tasting to soup stock. it can't be gritty, has be not to salty taste like clean palette taste ah taste.

Dashi 1 packet of type you like, add to before boil,
Carrots x 2
Roasted Potato(sliced, roasted color, both sides, no oil)(for decor)
Roasted Sweet Potato(")(for decor though)
Nappa cabbage, collard, spinach, swiss chards, leafy vegetable tastes goods in soups
Bean sprouts, onions,

Seaweed you can add miso that at very end.


1) [Why I say Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and Roasted Regular potatoes you don't want starch you want firm taste right so best toast or roast them up in oven or in pan so when cook then up in water they won't break down. For me we had the chopped sweet potato, and chopped potato and put in toaster oven and take it out put in boiling water that way stays firm but becomes soft not break down potato.]

2)Add water to pot, get to boil add dashi, then add sliced carrots, save for later for decor at end.

3.) cut up tofu, bite size they go quick in miso for some reason. *Nappa I only used little bit it. Some other variations I used Spinach and Collard, depending how I cut it prior or how received it, normally spinach you have sniff it spinach if still smells fresh use it, if smells like trash pick between good bits, my goats still love that stuff, even when going, I have no idea why. Collard when first purchase it, wash, cut, and bag it, but pre-cut strips you have cut it again find good bits aka Top bits.

4). I added miso by tongs because normally if add by ladle it would get stuck and make vegetable get wimpy or break down...Miso paste being administered should be done when soup is on either on low heat or off. Not so if your making soup for perfectionist...

5) heat up should be only because rewarming it be hot enough to add seaweed you sprinkle it in or not depends on other people you are serving. Or if small one pot for yourself its recommend you leave it out.
Sprinkle away in your own bowl stopping only when you feel like if you don't have seaweed you can always use those instant packet dry ones and use it until get one.

6) * You can if you put in refrigerator after eat it and enjoy it put in and have next day I recommend putting in microwave don't have it keep in pot. reheat it on low until steam and use the testing bowl see your preference of good enough.
for those who do have microwave if 55 seconds to 1 minute.


Depending type equipment sometimes if family feeling eh so my mom normally makes big pot. So there we use big tall pot kind that be one half pot water you have to taste test.

I realize I forgot something important.
Dashi or Bonito which ever tastes better, sometimes if your out of Dashi you can use Bonito flakes as quick thing to do but as I read some books they said that is no no.
I realized you just boil dried kelp and that is better anything.
Dashi is extract of these materials, bonito, sardines, kelp and all them don't have MSG. Mushroom stock kind has MSG.
MSG is linked with seizure and migraines so careful there.

Meat you have to change your recipe, minus the potatoes, put cabbage and possibly carrots so everything goes down. I recommend onions possibly cooked before but not to placed in soup just garnish individual bowls if want give it better taste to people add seaweed in just for bit prior to serving.
Reason no MSG its used as additional flavor enhancer its not needed. Why heck did we have Salt, and chefs for? It was used as flavor Know your food.

Optional meat you can add to miso are:
FISH if frozen and fresh deboned or slightly blackened put in midway after you cook the vegetables.
Ham - you put in when you have vegetables it last longer
Bacon tastes really good,(slice it up chunks) especially uncooked, crispy variety makes taste good.
Chicken possible, boneless, to bone if you had BBQ slightly char you add it to your miso it not only add character to you soup it make people who eating your soup eat something out this world.
Beef (can't be ground) you can put steak or meet strips I found makes taste very beef stock

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Number of Servings: 5
Yield: 7 servings on normal day
Style: American, West Coast

Comments (2)

I ate such soup, very tasty !!!thumbs up
Normally we use Firm tofu, Yellow potatoes, carrots normal orange kind, but rarely we ever get collard. I like collard because less gas mileage for people, and you feel full and makes you feel that ate some tasty, good for steaming, stir fries, kind would replace spinach because cooks lot better.

Heck my goats love collard.

Roasted potatoes you have make earlier before everything else. My mom has her two bits about potatoes, she wants to start snacking you know on them I like hey wait minute. That why I always get sweet potatoes at she has something snack on.

Could put onions but type that tastes good...Mochi tastes good in udon and many other variations...oh I tried to get my mom into buckwheat noodle with curry but she so not trying it too perverse I guess.

For taste of that it was good. Just for anyone seeking to so clash religious arcs do it. You make American people love you especially foodie people...spicy curry in buckwheat will make people go hey what now. comfort I clearly have to thai spicy was so spicy...should get it for making cookies, I seven Japanese spice wasn't enough I wanted to make volcano hot spicy gingerbread cookie it never happened.applause

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