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Indonesian Rambutan Pickles Recipe

Rambutan Pickles famous lately in Indonesia. I dont know where it start actually, but it seems from some city in kalimantan island ( Banjarmasin) or some island in sumatera province like Bangka Belitung. Because the small calamansi lime is grow dan can be found there.

I found my own small calamansi lime because i have planted in my garden.
Indonesian Rambutan Pickles


A bunch of Rambutan fruit remove the skin
8 Red Chilli pepper cut in small pieces
3 or 4 sonkit lime / calamondin/ green small calamansi lime
1 cucumber
a pack of honey pineapple
1 bangkoang/yam bean
mineral water
1 teaspon salt
6-10 spoon sugar


1) Peel the rambutan skin untill you got the white flesh of rambutan fruit, place in a bowl
2) Cut cucumber and bangkoang/yam bean in to a tiny square and placed in the same bowl
3) Cut pineapple in to a tiny triangle placed in the same bowl
4) Shake sugar, water and salt pour to the bowl
5) Squeze the lime over the fruit in bowl and give the red chilli, stir it.
5) EAT!


1) If you want to get a sweet taste than you can add more sugar but if you like salty you can add more salt.
2) If you want to serve it cold, you can keep in for a while in refrigerator.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes
Number of Servings: 3
Yield: 3 serving
Style: Asian, Indonesian

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