Hot Dog Recipe

How to make a hot dog
Hot Dog


Hot dog bun.


1. Make sure that you HAVE a pack of hot dogs.
2. OPEN up the hot dog pack using a knife or a scissor.
3. Put ONE hot dog (sausage) in a pot.
4. Turn ON the thing - cooker/stove? like a number - ON the stove. MAKE SURE that it corresponds with the right cooking plate.
5. Put the pot WITH the sausage/hot dog ON the SAME plate that you just turned on.
6. Set that plate to MAX.
7. Wait for it to boil.
8. After it has boiled for a little while, take the hot dog OUT of the pot.
9. Put it in a bun. A fork is a good tool for this. (then you dont burn your hands/fingers)
10. Eat.


Thanx goes to my mum. She always helped me with the details of this great recipe.

Prep Time: 1 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 11 minutes
Number of Servings: 1
Yield: 1 serving
Style: Eastern European

Comments (13)

I tried this and the water boiled dry, then a magpie fuked off with my bun, bastard!
I wasn't aware there was a recipe for this...drinking
Thought it was all common sense...doh
rolling on the floor laughing
yum kiss
This is a joke right? I laughed hysterically at your do this and do that instruction. I will make sure that I put the pot on the burner that I turned on rolling on the floor laughing
laugh Wish they could put instructions like this on other things too!

I thought this was going to be some extravagant hot dog recipe before I clicked on it. But the simple ones mums handed down are always the best! Under instruction #8... Some people may have different Ideas to what "a little while" means sleep so might be a good idea to set a timer lol

Other than that, the recipe is so meticulously detailed it's literaly fool proof. Provided you remember to shut the window to keep magpies from taking off with your buns, then all that work for nothing! beer
Lol... This is awesome
STILL....the funniest recipe I have laid eyes on..............laugh
There are so many things you can actually do or how to prepare a Hot dog,
Either way, out or in, all's good n delicious with the works, especially mmmm
With a toasted hotdog bun mmm delicious :P
No wonder my hot dog wasn't getting cooked. I was putting the pan on one of the COLD burners. Thanks for your genius level tip!
Really? laugh Btw, where are the condiments/dressings? It's just a 'kindalamehotdog; without them.

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