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CHAMPORADO— is a homegrown Filipino breakfast and snacks food. NO filipino don’t know this food or has tried this food. So guys here’s the recipe
This is good to serve hot.



1. At least 2 cups left over rice—good for one person
2. Chocolate or “Tableya” that bitter tasting round unmelted chocolate

3. Sugar to taste

4. About 3 tbsp Evaporated milk to coat the the rice and chocolate.


In a deep pan bring to boil water about 3 cups. The water depends how much rice you put. Water measurement should be a little over more than rice measurement.

Then put unmelted hard bitter chocolate to the boiling water till chocolate dissolves and while doing that put also the left over rice to the boiling now melted chocolate. In the pan. Simmer the rice and chocolate till mixed for five minutes.

The chocolate rice should look like a little watery just like porridge.

After cooking get out the now chocolate rice and put it in a bowl or plate add sugar and milk. As desired or to taste. If u don’t like sugar u can omit sugar.

Now. that’s your Filipino champorado. Enjoy!, happy eating ur champorado

Cook Time: 15 minutes
Number of Servings: 1
Style: Asian, Filipino

Comments (2)

After eating this I was in intensive care for a week, it was touch and go for a whilemumbling
Guys understand naman that if you’re a foreigner not a Filipino of course you’lll find yourself having LBM so don’t get mad at me

If you feel not trying this coz you’re scared then don’t venture eating this

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