Corned Beef & Potato Ash/ Tatta Ash Recipe

Potato pot served as a stew with crusty bread or topped with a pastry crust


3.5kg (7lb) Potato 500g (1lb) Lamb or Beef or 1 tin of Corned Beef
1/2 large Onions
3 Carrots 3 Beef stock cubes
Gravy Browning or gravy granules 's
Salt & Pepper



1) Peel and chop potato into 1inch squares
Peel and finely chop the Onions
Peel and finely chop the Carrots
2) Add all ingredients to a large pan and cover with water . Add the beef stock cubes
3) Bring to the boil and cook for 5mins then turn down the heat and simmer until the meat and potatoes are
soft for about 1/2hrs

If using a can of corned beef add it once the vegetables are soft and simmer to allow the corned beef to melt into the also add the touch of gravy browning to colour and taste plus some gravy granules to thicken and flavour it to you desired texture and taste

If you like a pastry crust
Pour the Potato Ash into a casserole dish or deep tray and cover
with the pastry then bake on Gas mark 6 until it is golden brown


Serve with Red Cabbage or Beetroot slices
Sliced uncut bread

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 60 minutes
Total Time: 1 hours, 15 minutes
Number of Servings: 6
Yield: 6-8 small bowls
Style: European, UK and Ireland

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Wow, this sounds incredible
Thanks Evervescent, hope you tried it wave

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