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I love trying new things out. Tis is great babybanana tongue blushing sleep crying wave laugh rolling on the floor laughing professor

RE: Chicken Biryani Recipe

love THANKS a lot
Ill try to make this dish asap

RE: Apple Bread Pudding

10 egg whites...can u not use the whole egg? And if so how many whole eggs?

RE: Lamb stew

I dont like lamb because of the fat..... but this looks good.

RE: Recipe wanted.

You can make butter icing very fluffy by using a electric hand blender. Use medium to high speed.

RE: Vegetarian medley

Seeking: That sounds good too, I like the Basmati Rice, just the right texture for me wave

RE: Recipe wanted.

The dream whip frosting really is very fluffy! If you can keep it cold, instant pudding with half or less of it's box instructions for milk, spooned gently into cool whip will get you rave reviews.

On cookies it's best with a soft baked cookie. Lots of chopped nuts on top keeps the frosting on your cookies. Keep in fridgidaire until time to eat

RE: Gomes de Sá Cod Fish (Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá)

This sounds really good! I guess the long soak gets out too much salt?

I've only had potatoes with seafood in a chowder, so now I can try this instead!!!

Thank you!!

EZ PZ shepherd's pie in a Pan

Although shepherd's pie is traditionally Basque, USA westerners learned it from herders caring for flocks in the Old West. In summers I often bring fresh greens onions peas from the garden to sizzle in the good oils before adding corned beef.

Vegetarian medley


Actually, I bet that would be fire with Jasmine rice. Mmmmm

RE: Vegetarian medley

Looks really goodwine
I would use rice though, don't like quinoa laugh
Never could quite acquire a taste for it.

RE: Simple stir fry

This sounds good too.
Thanks for posting
What kind of oil do you use? I use Olive Oil wave

RE: Pork and mushroom stir fry

This sounds really good
Going to add it to my stir fry recipes wave

RE: Apple Bread Pudding

Does anybody have the recipe for appful cake? probably not spelt correctly, its a German receipt it consists of butter, flour,( eggs,) sugar, raw chopped up apple and raisons. think you make a crumbed mixture with floor sugar and butter then add the fruit and then finally stir in the eggs?). If eggs are used in this recipe.think it also contains cinnamon also.


RE: photographic description; processes and ingredients yummy Golden Crust

Ah ya okay, I took a look at it. I have not used that express site before, but have friends who do.
I will check Amazon for it. I could probably use one of those anyways..
Thanks for posting that recipe, bread looks good!

photographic description; processes and ingredients yummy Golden Crust

Hi brought it in China < >
I paid AU$69 at the time (2016/17), have another bigger one to.
While trying to work out what was causing my ill health (constant runs) after operation, used to grind all flour, but have since found i don't need to grind the flour. However having no teeth i need to grind the nuts etc etc.

Alieexpress I think is ok site, I've brought quite few items on that site and Alibaba site also.

Embedded image from another site

RE: photographic description; processes and ingredients yummy Golden Crust

beer This looks very yummy Rob! Where did you find that grinder? wave

RE: Pizza Rolls

I'm going to make this in the air fryer to avoid all that oil. Trust me, the air fryer makes things like this very crispy.

RE: Gomes de Sá Cod Fish (Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá)

Great, thank you for the recipe. I do similar, but with no milk. Will try your version.cheers

RE: How To Make Cauliflower Palatable (Roasted Cauliflower)

The cooking time would be cut down drastically if you cooked it in an air fryer which I am going to do.


That is very, very ,very old recipe and handed down at bridal showers for rolling on the floor laughing 3 generations.

laugh I banana banana banana banana must sent it in a chain letter to several men here.writing
before they catch on.

RE: Beef Shaved Steak w/Sweet Onion and Green Bell Pepper

what you have made is french dip! strir fry that with a bit of provolone cheese, throw it on a toasted hoagy roll and you have a french dip sandwich. serve with a 1/2 cup dish of beef broth for dippin! yum, yum!!

RE: Marco pierre white' s chicken chasseur

My my, this looks delicious. Fairly simple to make, too. I'll definitely try this recipe.
Thanks for sharing
. wine handshake

RE: Request for a Recipe

Or just try Mayo, delicious on burgers...

RE: Pita

pita is not this dish

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