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Italian Garlic rolls...

Marcella's Italian restaurant in the 1970's was a favorite place to eat. Located near North Miami High School, it was the place to congregate after f...

chatillion6930Aug 2018just now
Karaage Fried Chicken

Karaage Fried Chicken

My delicious recipe which is very common in my country , japan...

Unknown950May 1849 mins ago
My own variation Miso Soup

My own variation Miso Soup

Suppose to used palette mouth cleanse but in our family we use it like use it for Keep warm and lunch time meal you have with rice and fish? Sometimes...

LuckyDuck20184822Jan 201950 mins agoFeb 2019
Orange Julius like Protein Drink

Orange Julius-like Protein Drink

This kind of evolved over many years. It started with a raw egg in orange juice, which I didn't approve of. I replaced the egg with a scoop of soy pro...

CMerlyn2,5005Jan 201751 mins agoAug 2018
Electric Avocado dressing

Electric Avocado dressing

This is by far my favorite salad dressing. It's healthy, it's alkaline forming, and it's addictive. I binged on salad last week, because of this dress...

SEEKINGinger1430Feb 2951 mins ago


I got this recipe from the restaurant i used to work...

Unknown490Jun 552 mins ago
Avocado garlic butter

Avocado garlic butter

My sis just shared this on facebook. I can't wait to try it!...

SEEKINGinger290Jun 2855 mins ago


Tells you how to make the cake.....

Charliesangels222,29310Jul 20171 hrs agoNov 15
Icecream cake

Icecream cake

I love icecream, but I'm horrible when it comes to baking. I found the recipe online a few months ago, yesterday I decided to try it for the first tim...

myssmyss6572Apr 20191 hrs agoMay 2019
Beef Ale Pie

Beef & Ale Pie

Traditional Recipe Beef & Ale Pie...

Happychatty16800Oct 20171 hrs ago


CHAMPORADO— is a homegrown Filipino breakfast and snacks food. NO filipino don’t know this food or has tried this food. So guys here’s the recipe Th...

AQUARENT3452Oct 20192 hrs agoJun 16
Unbelievable Bundt Cake

Unbelievable Bundt Cake

Bundt cake is a classic Christmas dessert, but it seems that no one's really sure how to make it correctly. The ideal Bundt cake is moist and rich, b...

Staff3,2014Jun 20102 hrs agoJan 2018
Original Fantasy Fudge Recipe Fudge

Original Fantasy Fudge Recipe Fudge

I got this recipe off a Kraft Jet Puff Marshmallow Creme jar. I make this fudge this time of year.....

Ccincy3,1571Dec 20162 hrs agoDec 2016
California Pasta Salad

California Pasta Salad

This is pasta salad must have willing have a lot large get together's....

sphereman7774510Sep 20182 hrs ago
Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish

I make this relish homemade during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season....

Ccincy6440Nov 20172 hrs ago

Avocado Shake

Despite its origin in Central and North America (Mexico), there are some records that occurred an important penetration of cultivation and consumption...

Philosophos1,0066Sep 20183 hrs agoJan 10
Tzatziki Sauce Greek Cucumber Salad

Tzatziki Sauce (Greek Cucumber Salad)

A cool and creamy cucumber and garlic yogurt sauce that is perfect in pitas, on salads, for dipping or even eating by the spoonful. Tzatziki is a Gre...

ManosDidimosP5601Feb 20193 hrs agoDec 23
Best of the Midwest Burger

Best of the Midwest Burger

Nothing is as Midwestern as the summer cookout... grilled corn, lemonade, potato salad, chips, and best of all, the hamburger. Brisket and ribs can be...

Staff1,6750Jun 20163 hrs ago
Fall off the bone beef ribs with apple wood bacon mashed potatoes

Fall off the bone beef ribs with apple wood bacon mashed potatoes

I made this for my Boss Pat Mac he loved them i think you will also its my own respie....

ChefRichie8901Nov 20174 hrs agoFeb 2018


You can find variations of this recipe in areas of Israel, Lebanon, Italy, and other places where Sefardi Jews have traveled. It has that Mediterranea...

LatinaJewess9790May 20174 hrs ago
Tie Dye Cheesecake Bars

Tie Dye Cheesecake Bars

So groovy man....

sphereman7778123Sep 20185 hrs agoMay 2019
Purslane with blue cheese

Purslane with blue cheese

I make this salad all summer as there is plenty of purslane. (much omega 3!)...

Chiharu9080Oct 20166 hrs ago

Chicken Liver Skeewers With Infused in Japanese Sauce

I am a very passionate cook and believe in cooking from the heart. Put love and zest heart into your food and the end result is a symphony of flavors....

bhaywardt5772Jul 20196 hrs agoDec 1
Gomes de S Cod Fish Bacalhau Gomes de S

Gomes de Sá Cod Fish (Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá)

The easy way of the most famous Portuguese recipe...

OdaMae7911Feb 20197 hrs agoJul 2019
World famous Sicilian White Pizza

World famous Sicilian White Pizza

Dis is how you make a frickin pizza....

Readytotock4861Jun 20197 hrs agoFeb 29
Three Bean Baked Beans

Three Bean Baked Beans

Ground beef and bacon mixed in, these satisfying beans are a big hit at backyard barbecues....

sphereman7774781Sep 20187 hrs agoMar 2
Lahmacun Turkish pizza

Lahmacun-Turkish pizza

Very thin dough and tasty paste-salsa covering cooked in brick oven , crusty , unique , delicious starter......

Quijano2,0391Feb 20177 hrs agoMar 2017
BelladonnaMaria7100Nov 20177 hrs ago

Crispy Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole

Crispy, fresh and healthy twist on ordinary chicken casserole....

bhaywardt3270Aug 20197 hrs ago
How to promotoe your health with smoothy

How to promotoe your health with smoothy

Helps you to reduce your weight, energizes you and keep you healthier. Control blood pressures and type 11 diabetes through weight reduction. Must be...

Perman5470Sep 20187 hrs ago

True Love/ True Companionship

I made up this recipe for fun....

zenmasterE1412Apr 228 hrs agoApr 27
Gingersnaps for dogs

Gingersnaps for dogs

I found this recipe online I guess was on another site should saved it. rats but I found somewhere similar.

LuckyDuck20186111Dec 20188 hrs agoMar 2019
Smothered Chicken with Creamed Spinach Bacon Mushrooms

Smothered Chicken with Creamed Spinach, Bacon, Mushrooms

I cooked this tonight! It was delightful! I use lots of online recipe sites to keep food from being boring. I do tweak most and add my own touches. I'...

BATCHICK3,0495Oct 20169 hrs agoJul 2017
Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

This is how I make really good chocolate truffles. I've been making them for over 20 years, everyone seems to like them....

CMerlyn4220Sep 20189 hrs ago
Cuban chicken rice

Cuban chicken rice

It is a simple recipe that my aunt made on Christmas days, it is very simple but it takes a lot of love, This recipe is created for 6 people...

Amed321,5316Dec 20179 hrs agoNov 2019

Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast with Parmesan Crust

This recipe is easy to prepare quick reasonably lo-cal and tasty. Great to serve to guest and with little effort you've got a dish that you can impres...

bhaywardt2970Oct 201910 hrs ago
Family recipe for turkey on the braai

Family recipe for turkey on the braai.

A braai is similar to what is called a barbeque and in South Africa, we love our braais. I would like to share a recipe for a turkey braai. So you ca...

Eastcoaster252180Dec 2310 hrs ago
How To Make Cauliflower Palatable Roasted Cauliflower

How To Make Cauliflower Palatable (Roasted Cauliflower)

I discovered this recipe by complete accident. It is possible to prepare cauliflower and make it taste good. Just hear me out....

Nekat_Emanresu1830Apr 1510 hrs ago
Smoked Pecans

Smoked Pecans

I had a craving for something sweet n salty so I threw this together. I write/invent recipes and I hope you all like this one....

DeerCreekxPCH9080Oct 201611 hrs ago
Corned Beef Potato Ash Tatta Ash

Corned Beef & Potato Ash/ Tatta Ash

Potato pot served as a stew with crusty bread or topped with a pastry crust...

Happychatty11,3110Oct 201711 hrs ago
Cheap 3 Kings Cake

Cheap 3 King's Cake

Good If you're hungry and broke....

Unknown6930Sep 201713 hrs ago
Pizza casserole

Pizza casserole

Learned in high school and good for friends and family...

Unknown2041Feb 815 hrs agoFeb 12

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