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ABC NEWS Nigerian Scam Documentary (419)

3 Part Documentary on Scam by ABC News

3 part documentary by ABC News on what has become known as the infamous 419 Scams. 419 is the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code that makes it illegal to obtain money under false pretences. Millions of Americans and Europeans are being targeted by scammers from Nigeria where a population of 20 million lives on an average income of $1.00 per week. Billions of dollars/euros are being made by con-men in Nigerian internet cafes with very few being arrested or suffering any consequences.

Celebrating Scam in Nigeria

Oyinbo I go chop your dollar is a hugely popular music video in Nigeria that means "white man, I'm going to rip you off". This video celebrates the con men in Nigeria, scamming billions of dollars/euros from people all over the world using the internet. These scammers are considered folk heros by Nigerians whose average income is $1 a week and whose country is the second most corrupt in the world. The music video mocks what they call the mugu which means "greedy white victim" or "big fool". The scammers pose as prominent officials and other disguises, promising easy riches to the Mugu.

Some of the lyrics:
"You be the mugu, I be the master
Oyinbo I go chop your dollar
I go take your money disappear
419 is just a game, you are the loser I am the winner"

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  • Nigerian Scam

    An email is sent out to Americans notifying them they have inherited $10.5 million from a long lost relative in Nigeria. To receive the cash, they have to send $2000, and if they don't claim the money, they'll be investigated by the FBI.

  • ABC NEWS Nigerian Scam Documentary(419)

    The head of Nigerian police and EFCC (Economic & Financial Crimes Commission) anti-corruption unit is sent to prison for taking bribes from top 419 scammers.

  • Nigeria scams targeted

    Nigerian scam is a huge problem in Britain. Fake lottery jackpots, hardluck stories, money making opportunities are just some of the scams.

  • So-Called 'Nigerian Scam' Strikes Again

    A woman in Houston gets scammed on PetFinder by a Nigerian promising to send her his dog from Nigeria for the cost of shipping.

Dating Scam Videos

Connecting Singles Anti-Scam
Quality of this site is very important to us. We hate scam and do everything we can to prevent it here. But scammers are good at what they do and some get through the screen. It's sad that there are those who try to take advantage of people in this way.

Scam is big business in countries like Nigeria and other African countries, also in Russia and some countries in SouthEast Asia. Nigeria scammed $183 million out of Americans last year. They've even made a hit song about it called "I go chop your dollar" (view it above). How do they do it? They may email with you for months, flatter you with love and attention, gain your trust and get you emotionally involved, then make up a story that they need you to send them money... claiming they are stuck in another country without money or passport and they need your help, they have a sick relative, they need money to come to your country, etc., etc. IF YOU SEND THEM MONEY, YOU WILL GET SCAMMED & THEY WILL DISAPPEAR!

To Avoid Scam: Remember, ANYONE who asks for (or offers) money for ANY reason on a dating site is a scammer! Regardless of what they say... sending them money will not 'help' you or anyone else... it will only subsidize a billion dollar illegal business and encourage this kind of internet abuse to continue. The way to prevent scams is DON'T EVER send money for any reason. Repeat...don't send money!

Onsite mailbox, chat and IM are provided at CS to protect your privacy and anonymity. Don't be pressured to meet them at another site that may be set up ONLY to tempt you with private photos in order to gather your personal identity or credit card info for scam purposes. It's surprisingly easy for a scammer to gain your trust and get personal and family info from you...a little at a time... info you should not be sharing with an online stranger early on. The email address or photos you send them may be gathered for mailing lists (phishing) and misused for scam. The 'real looking' photos they email to you are likely the photos exchanged offsite with members like you who sent them the photos with the promise to receive one from the scammer in return. (Don't send private photos of yourself or family that might end up being used to scam someone else.) Stay on the site until you feel sure. Scammers quickly try to get you off the site, away from the watchful eye of site members who may identify their photos as fake, models or celebrities, and away from site systems and member reporting that may expose them.

If you haven't already, please check out the following pages we created about dating scammers at: Current scams and at Scam Happens

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