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ABC NEWS Nigerian Scam Documentary (419)

Celebrating Scam in Nigeria

Oyinbo I go chop your dollar is a hugely popular music video in Nigeria that means "white man, I'm going to rip you off". This video celebrates the con men in Nigeria, scamming billions of dollars/euros from people all over the world using the internet. These scammers are considered folk heros by Nigerians whose average income is $1 a week and whose country is the second most corrupt in the world. The music video mocks what they call the mugu which means "greedy white victim" or "big fool". The scammers pose as prominent officials and other disguises, promising easy riches to the Mugu.

Some of the lyrics:
"You be the mugu, I be the master
Oyinbo I go chop your dollar
I go take your money disappear
419 is just a game, you are the loser I am the winner"

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    An email is sent out to Americans notifying them they have inherited $10.5 million from a long lost relative in Nigeria. To receive the cash, they have to send $2000, and if they don't claim the money, they'll be investigated by the FBI.

  • ABC NEWS Nigerian Scam Documentary(419) ABC NEWS Nigerian Scam Documentary(419)

    The head of Nigerian police and EFCC (Economic & Financial Crimes Commission) anti-corruption unit is sent to prison for taking bribes from top 419 scammers.

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    Nigerian scam is a huge problem in Britain. Fake lottery jackpots, hardluck stories, money making opportunities are just some of the scams.

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    A woman in Houston gets scammed on PetFinder by a Nigerian promising to send her his dog from Nigeria for the cost of shipping.

Dating Scam Videos

Scam warning signs: Letter is from Nigeria or African country or from a Nigerian or African living somewhere else.. this scam has been passed down through the generations to various african people.

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