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haka dance

haka dance

This is just incredible! The power here is just amazing....

The Haka

The Haka

This is an awesome sight in the world of rugby .... Makes the hairs stand on the back of my neck every time i see it .... Of course, i do love rugby b...

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What A Train Smashonline today!

What A Train Smash

The rugby is over, my team lost and my friends have gone home. I’m too tired for another glass of wine but not tired enough for going to bed....

An UFO Over The Southern Skiesonline today!

An UFO Over The Southern Skies

We had an unidentified flying object traversing our Cape Town airspace for the last two weeks. It had the shape of a bright and shiny ball hanging in...

A Visit To The Nut Houseonline today!

A Visit To The Nut House

One of the local institutions for the mentally impaired had an ‘open day’ not so long ago. Somebody I know works there and she invited me to pay them...

The Future of Boxingonline today!

The Future of Boxing

What future does Boxing have as a sport? Numerous people have died as a direct result of the punishment received while practicing this sport. Only Bow...

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