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Roy Gould WorldWide Telescope

Roy Gould: WorldWide Telescope




This particular visitor, is very pleased to see his admirer and goes further to show off his ship and what it can do. Such a wonderful sight to see s...

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT Dr Steven Greer TV Promo 2010 2011

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT Dr. Steven Greer - TV Promo 2010, 2011

Created by Dr. Steven Greer and Chantal Boccaccio. If you would like The Disclosure Project to air on SyFy Network, please email Development Exec Mar...

Top Ten Bad Inventions

Top Ten - Bad Inventions


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What Is Intelligence

What Is Intelligence?

Intelligence is often confused with a lot of other things. Some believe that they are intelligent because they have a very good memory while others ma...

Steel And Wood Work Good

Steel And Wood Work Good

About 25 years ago, one of my younger friends had to have a testicle removed. He was very worried as he had no children yet and very dearly wanted som...

Technologys continued advancement speeds forwardonline today!

Technology's continued advancement speeds forward

Unless you are only 2 years old or younger, you've likely observed that technology keeps advancing. Indeed, if you are less than 2 years old, I'm ama...

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