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Happy Work Naked Day

Happy Work Naked Day

Happy Work Naked Day!...

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Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange

Somebody I know became a signaler on the railroad. Some time ago he got very drunk after hearing that his father was in hospital. He was still drunk w...

Havent been online here for well over 2 years

Haven't been online here for well over 2 years....

Ok, I have to admit that I lost faith in this site, and in myself too. I hated the fact that I was till miserably unemployed back when I was last on w...

New Job new discoveries

New Job, new discoveries

So, on the begin of this month, i started a new job, new role: systems analyst. First impression, it's not changed of my old job. But after some days...

astrology reveals the need for community

astrology reveals the need for community

From Latin, the word Virgo meaning ‘virgin’, finds its origins. In the astrology (and astronomy) circle, it is the constellation lying in the southern...

By myself


Present day: For a while, i started believing that one is not alone, you always have someone with you. Although in a physical sense of the word, its...

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