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Kissing Fish

Kissing Fish

Pucker Up For A Kiss... Cause I'm Glad I Got You Babe. Happy Valentines Day!...

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Rollercoaster Vanish

'Rollercoaster Vanish!'

This coaster is so cool! After all the 'ups n downs' of whiteknuckling the coaster come down the rails looking as if it's going straight i...

Niagra Falls

'Niagra Falls'

The iconic falls seen from both air and water. The roar of these 'mighty' waters is an experience you won't soon forget should you have the chance to...

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Things I Love

Things I Love

Coffee on a cold morning,oh well any morning. But even better on the cold ones. Sunshine, The smell of fresh cut grass Clean sheets, First rain af...

This weak in Adelaide Vol 1 Num 3

This weak in Adelaide. Vol 1 Num 3

The Weak that was: Remember, I warned you about reading this blog the first time. If you've got this far and your eyeballs are yet to explode, then...

Sex on a beachonline today!

Sex on a beach

No, not the drink. I've actually only had sex on a beach twice in my life. The first time was at night under the stars. Afterward, we fel...

An Uninterruptible Water Supply

An Uninterruptible Water Supply

Keeping a dog brings responsibilities. It will need attention, shelter, food, and most importantly, water. Dogs need a lot of water. Being away from h...

Water Vs Wine

Water Vs Wine

To all my friends who enjoy a glass of wine… And those who are always seen with a bottle of purified water in their hand. As I always say: In w...

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