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Happy Kwanzaa! Kwanzaa Yenu lwe Naheri! December 26TH Until January 1ST Of Every Year.. Seven Kwanzaa Principles In KiSwahili: 1. Umoja-...

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Playing Sick

Playing Sick

I played sick today and had my Sunday lunch in my room. Though I have my own kitchen, my sister more or less expects that I should have the main meal...

The Other Side Of The Story

The Other Side Of The Story.

When a relationship goes sour the story has three sides; his story, her story and the truth, which is somewhere - not necessarily midway - in between....

Selling My Heritage

Selling My Heritage?

I feel kind of sad. On Friday, to the disgust of a part of my family, I have accepted an offer for my house after it had been in the market for four m...

Funerals And Other Unpleasantries

Funerals And Other Unpleasantries.

I don’t like funerals. I suppose nobody does but I dislike funerals with a passion. I don’t attend funerals unless it is absolutely close family. And...

The Feelings when leaving Home for Abroadonline today!

The Feelings when leaving Home for Abroad

I came back home after 3 years and spent 2 plus months with family and friends I am very hard guy who control his inner and adjust myself to new envi...

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