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Happy Kwanzaa! Kwanzaa Yenu lwe Naheri! December 26TH Until January 1ST Of Every Year.. Seven Kwanzaa Principles In KiSwahili: 1. Umoja-...

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Funerals And Other Unpleasantries

Funerals And Other Unpleasantries.

I don’t like funerals. I suppose nobody does but I dislike funerals with a passion. I don’t attend funerals unless it is absolutely close family. And...

Tired Being Used

Tired Being Used?

So often we hear people complaining about being used but is that not what people do? People use each other. I don’t just mean sexually...

Family Values On The Run

Family Values On The Run?

What has happened to good old-fashioned family values? We are tampering with the very foundations of our society and corrupting the building blocks of...

Playing Sick

Playing Sick

I played sick today and had my Sunday lunch in my room. Though I have my own kitchen, my sister more or less expects that I should have the main meal...



This act of treason had always been the biggest imaginable taboo in my family and I have the dubious honor to be the first in the family to have attai...

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