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anti illuminati

anti illuminati

anti illuminati nwo movement...

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

...and then that bird can soar like an eagle!...

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Let it go by Demi Lovato Frozen movie

Let it go by Demi Lovato (Frozen movie)

Love the lyrics of this song......

Goodbye To The Normals

Goodbye To The Normals

Dir: Jim Field Smith/ UK/ 2006 Originally commissioned by Robbie Williams, 'Goodbye to the Normals' tells the tale of a young boy, Magnus, who has...

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT Dr Steven Greer TV Promo 2010 2011

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT Dr. Steven Greer - TV Promo 2010, 2011

Created by Dr. Steven Greer and Chantal Boccaccio. If you would like The Disclosure Project to air on SyFy Network, please email Development Exec Mar...

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How important is free thinking in a relationship

How important is free thinking in a relationship?

I asked this because some religions and Political views restrict thinking freely in some relationships therefore limiting creativity in problem solvin...

All For Everyone Or None For Anyone

All For Everyone Or None For Anyone?

Good evening, Friday; My thoughts today are still on yesterday’s blog entitled Gays and Lesbians, and my comment that members of the GLBT communit...

Favourite Quotes

Favourite Quotes

“There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire, which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which kindl...



Across Europe, especially in France,politicians have decided to wage war on freedom of expression.An eight year old was questioned by the French polic...

Stop You are not a a machine

Stop.You are not a a machine


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