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Im crazy about you

I'm crazy about you!

I'm crazy about you!...



Stay Open..Keep Aware.. True Knowledge,Is The Window To The Universe.....

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This particular visitor, is very pleased to see his admirer and goes further to show off his ship and what it can do. Such a wonderful sight to see s...

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT Dr Steven Greer TV Promo 2010 2011

THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT Dr. Steven Greer - TV Promo 2010, 2011

Created by Dr. Steven Greer and Chantal Boccaccio. If you would like The Disclosure Project to air on SyFy Network, please email Development Exec Mar...

Listen and learn

Listen and learn ;)

Preach brother hhh...

Flip Flop McSame

Flip Flop McSame


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Being Born Again is it by water baptismonline now!

Being Born Again,is it by water baptism?

Water baptism is not a Commandment, it was ??symbolic to us Israelites passing through the Red Sea being retaught the Statues, Laws, and Commandments...

Aoife Clancy

Aoife Clancy

Aoife Clance performing with Cherish the Ladies, one of few good quality recordings on Youtube....

A world with no borders for lovers beloved

A world with no borders for lovers & beloved?

I hear through these sites lovers meet overseas beloved who are too far away to feel their lovers beside. They ignore some true lovers just because th...

being ourselves

"being ourselves !"

are we happy being our ownselves ? if so, we shouldn't be engaging ourselves in mindless searches, stupid entertainments, conflicts with others, and m...

Renaissance Revival

Renaissance Revival

Vocalist--Annie Haslam Mother Russia

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