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Stay Open..Keep Aware.. True Knowledge,Is The Window To The Universe.....

Im crazy about you

I'm crazy about you!

I'm crazy about you!...

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This particular visitor, is very pleased to see his admirer and goes further to show off his ship and what it can do. Such a wonderful sight to see s...

This makes me happy

This makes me happy

Learn more about me here!...



This had me bawling this morning............................. hard to watch and harder to hear...

Social Indoctrination and Geoengineering 1 4

Social Indoctrination and Geoengineering 1/4

Max Igan - American Voice Radio...

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Renaissance Revival

Renaissance Revival

Vocalist--Annie Haslam Mother Russia

is there a way to be truthful

"is there a way to be truthful?"

i say about my self what i believe about my self ! my belief need not be true ! am i honest ? or a liar ?...

fake world

fake world

it really is frustrating, all this fake peoples i meet every single day, they live they own life without any knowledge of what is going on whatsoever....

Its A New Venue

Its A New Venue.

I'm really happy to have a new venue to share my mind and thoughts with people. I started blogging about 3 years or so back at g...

The Scriptures And Godonline today!

The Scriptures And God

I honestly believe that the scriptures can assist one in finding God and Truth. However, they are only a means to an end. Many people know about the t...

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