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Live Laugh Love

Live - Laugh - Love

Live-Laugh-Love MORE...



Dream as if you'll live forever Live as if you only have today...

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Billy Idol White Wedding live

Billy Idol - White Wedding.....live


Buckethead Night of the Slunk live Fall Ball 2006

Buckethead - Night of the Slunk.....live Fall Ball 2006


The Dubliner The Night Visiting Song

The Dubliner - The Night Visiting Song


Metallica Last Caress live

Metallica - Last Caress....live

Last Caress, Am I Evil, and Whiplash medley live 1989...

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I dont know if you saw this or notonline today!

I don't know if you saw this or not

Today it was reported that a man in California died at 103. 103 years of age is quite an achievement But, of course, when...

Stop You are not a a machine

Stop.You are not a a machine


at home bord and alone

at home bord and alone

hello iam a 41 year old male home alone and bord .. not much going on now getting ready for a shower here I do have a open cam for show if anyon...

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