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Stretching time with you

Stretching time with you ;-)

Stretching time ;-)...



My E-CAR D !!...

Just Nuts

Just Nuts

Its Totally Outrageous,I Admit.. What Else Can I Do? Sweet Heart I'm Just Nuts Over You!...

Spring Time Birthday

Spring Time Birthday

The Spring Sun Is Near.. The Spring Warmth Is Here.. With A Cheer, Let Us Celebrate Your Birthday My Dear!!...

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Stunting its amazing

Stunting its amazing!

I have to say...I THINK IM IN LOVE! I love this video...I wanna find a man like that lol...

Catalina Island

'Catalina Island'

Catalina Island is one of those places to get away to that might seem far, but really isn't. It's this totally relaxing spot to be! Swimming, boating,...

Safety Dance

Safety Dance

So many mushy, serious songs on here. Sheesh!! I think it's more fun to start off with a smile. So I picked a silly song just to make people lighten u...

Unusual Guitars

Unusual Guitars

Unusual Guitars...

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Guess what tonight isonline now!

Guess what tonight is.

Go ahead and guess. I'll wait. Alright, I'll tell you. Today is Halloween. Yes, I know it's SUPPOSED to be October 31st. But,...

Little becha lol

Little becha lol

I grew up with 3 brothers and all are elder than me I am always stubborn but smart when I wa...

Poetry Corner News

Poetry Corner News

I don't know if anyone is interested but I thought I'd do a poetry news blog. I have read a lot of poetry here and know the poems I like and can recom...

Put one in the W columnonline now!

Put one in the W column

This spring/summer I am playing on 3 different ball teams and they are at least somewhat related. Last year my Saturday softball team (2 games eac...

Sex sex more sexonline now!

Sex, sex & more sex

While some of you may be prudes, I've heard that SOME people on here actually enjoy sex. I'm guessing at some point you watched a movie or TV show...

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