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Chill Out My Friend! Live Life Copasetically/Supremely Satisfactory.. & You Will Always Prevail!...



Where there's no time for time......

Angel of Peace

Angel of Peace

Peace and glad tidings to all...

my kind of place sigh

my kind of place....sigh

my kind of place ...sigh...



You brighten up my day....

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We are the world

We are the world.

Hate racism, love all human....

May it be

May it be...

Believe and you will find your way....:) try to repeat that to yourself each time you wake up in the morning and you will see things are getting bette...

Simple Free

Simple & Free

Simple and free best way to be....

Pope John Paul ll A Man of Peace

Pope John Paul ll "A Man of Peace"

Pope John Paul- A Man of Peace Music by Hayle Westenra...

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Pray for peaceonline today!

Pray for peace

A CNN journalist heard about a local elderly man who had been going to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem to pray, twice a day, every day, for a many m...

News in the life of Jedidiah 2 26 2012

News in the life of Jedidiah 2-26-2012

I'm back activle pursuing a friendship with a female that could turn into something more, so far the waters are cold and alot of the fish are bruised...

All For Everyone Or None For Anyone

All For Everyone Or None For Anyone?

Good evening, Friday; My thoughts today are still on yesterday’s blog entitled Gays and Lesbians, and my comment that members of the GLBT communit...

dreams coming true

"dreams coming true !"

we do dream ! we're being told to dream by the learned. some of our best dreams come true in our life time. but most of us atleast, if not all, do no...

Why all the fight over religion No US against TH

Why all the fight over religion?? No US against TH

I have read the Bible, Old Testament, The Quran, the Gita, Karbala, Buddha (which is not a religion but a philosophy of life), etc. If it is in a book...

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