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Atheist Life vs Religious Life

Atheist Life vs Religious Life

see what you think...........

Interesting Bible Facts

Interesting Bible Facts

God bless you all, my sweet friends...

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Being Born Again is it by water baptism

Being Born Again,is it by water baptism?

Water baptism is not a Commandment, it was ??symbolic to us Israelites passing through the Red Sea being retaught the Statues, Laws, and Commandments...

Too old for all men

Too old for all men ?

How hard it is to be old and to find a great man. I am 58 years old but feel me very young. I can only see the only thing...

The Printers Devil And The Wicked Bible

The Printer’s Devil And The Wicked Bible.

Can you imagine a Bible being banned in England? Well, it happened. And that for the lack of one word. I would have thought that with so many words in...

Fatima Rifqa Bary converts to Christianity from Is

Fatima Rifqa Bary converts to Christianity from Is

Christians are persecuted in many parts of the world but ignored mostly by the media. But when a mosque is damaged by "Christian soldiers", the media...

Biblical Morality Storyonline today!

Biblical Morality Story

Bless me CS members. It has been weeks since my last confession.... I mean blog. Anyway, here is a short biblical story that I hope off...

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