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Extreme Mutha Dont Wanna Go To School Today

Extreme - Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today)


Untouched yr 12 Media assignment

Untouched - yr 12 Media assignment

Here is a youtube video of a yr 12 media assignment that my youngest son's friend did this year. My son is the main character in the video...



Thanx Cath,for introducing him to me...

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News you can abuse Pot in the brownies at schoolonline today!

News you can abuse - Pot in the brownies at school

Two University of Colorado students were recently arrested, after they allegedly brought brownies baked with marijuana into a 'bring food Friday' ev...

You Big Damn Foolonline today!

You Big Damn Fool!

The year was 1969. It was my final year of school and during the winter holidays I spent two weeks on my uncle’s farm next to the Berg River....

School books

School books...

or any books. Guys like Thomas Allen, and those...

Joke of the night Freddys kittenonline today!

Joke of the night - Freddy's kitten

Freddy quickly got his things together for school and headed to the school bus. When he got to class, he put his head down on his desk. H...

A Nickname You Sayonline today!

A Nickname, You Say?

Nicknames are special. Not everybody gets one. It is not something you can buy or order. It is awarded to you like a medal or a dunce cap and the more...

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