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I wish I had the guts to walk away and forget about what we had. But i can't, because i know you won't come after me, and i guess that's what hurts th...




Missing you always

Missing you always

Missing you always......

Every Night

Every Night...

These lonely nights Are hard to get through I will keep you in my eyes By making you a dream... I miss You!...

Love Sick

Love Sick

Love Sick and Missing You...

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Do you Remember

Do you Remember?

Don't wait until it's too late, folks!...

The Saddest Thing Melanie

The Saddest Thing - Melanie


John Campbell Angel of Sorrow

John Campbell - Angel of Sorrow


Libera Me Elliot Goldenthal

Libera Me - Elliot Goldenthal


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Zero Part 4

Zero Part 4

How the battle ended after I made my escapeā€¦ to this day I do not know. I guess I never found it important to know. We made it to the staffroom and th...

News in the life of Jedidiah 2 26 2012

News in the life of Jedidiah 2-26-2012

I'm back activle pursuing a friendship with a female that could turn into something more, so far the waters are cold and alot of the fish are bruised...

In Tribute to Whitney R I Ponline today!

In Tribute to Whitney R.I.P.

It is WE, who will always love you....

No one knows

No one knows

No one ever knows the sadness thats deep in your heart. All that anyone ever sees is whats on the outside. Try and try again to open up your heart...

Why I am unhappy

Why I am unhappy?

Wondering how many of you are unhappy..? and What is the exact reason? As much I know there is no reason for being unhappy. Would love to know i...

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