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You have touched me in many ways And I just wanted to say... That you make my day! Thank You...

Thank You

Thank You!

May God give you All you want in life Bless you Take care LOVELY FRIEND! And... Thank You!...

Thank You

Thank You!

Thank you sooo much!...

Thank you for the ecard

Thank you for the ecard

Many, many thanks to you! You brought real delight And helped make my day More happy and more bright!...

Thank you kindly

Thank you kindly

Thank you kindly...

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I give thanksonline today!

I give thanks

This Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the USA. It's a special holiday set aside to simply give thanks. I want to extend that great feeling to you....

Before I goonline today!

Before I go...

...I just wanted to say thank you. Thanks for all the laughter and fun I've gotten to share with you. Thanks to all the nice people...

We remember thank youonline today!

We remember & thank you

Yes, we remember and not just today, how you gave the ultimate sacrifice to help preserve the American way. You answered the call from our nation...

Medals All Round

Medals All Round.

I think it is time for a medal or two. I believe most of us have been on other free dating sites. Well, I cannot speak for others, but in my experi...

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