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Sorry I hurt you

Sorry I hurt you

Sorry I hurt you...

Sorry I hurt you

Sorry I hurt you

I'm sorry I hurt you...

Im Sorry

I'm Sorry....

I'm Sorry I Hurt You... I Didn't Mean To... I'm Sorry I Hurt You... I Regret It, I Do... What I Did, I Regret... So Let's Make U...

Im sorry for you

I'm sorry for you

Sorry to hear you are sad....

Feel Better

Feel Better

I hope this helps you feel better....

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Apologiesonline today!


Some people find it hard to apologize. Others, like me, apologize for the wrong things or try to justify their wrongs. Typically such an apo...

When Sorry Is Not Enoughonline today!

When Sorry Is Not Enough.

Sometimes we offend others by something we do or say. Often we realize it the moment it happens and other times we only realize it afterwards; sometim...

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