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dreams of you fill my sleep

dreams of you fill my sleep




In The Cycle of Life Birth-Death-Re-Birth Spirit never Dies.. As Quantum Physics Teaches, All Energy Is Never Destroyed, Only Transformed... The...

you inspire my every thought and action

you inspire my every thought and action

Inspiration, devotion, commitment, joy, fulfillment. These are the words that come to mind when I think of you......

Just for YOU

Just for YOU..

Just for YOU.....

Dreams Wishes

Dreams & Wishes

May Your Dreams & Wishes Cast Upon The Clear Calm Water... Always Return Back,To You With Joyous Fulfillment!!...

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Anika Moa Dreams In My Head

Anika Moa - Dreams In My Head

NewZealand Female Artist...

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dreams coming true

"dreams coming true !"

we do dream ! we're being told to dream by the learned. some of our best dreams come true in our life time. but most of us atleast, if not all, do no...

Davey Jones r i ponline now!

Davey Jones r.i.p.

Former lead singer for the brit/USA pop band The Monkees died earlier today from an apparent heart attack at the age of 66. He and...

Poetry I wrote How Could We Have Known

Poetry I wrote; How Could We Have Known?

(1) This could be you if only you had known, but how could you have, I said nothing at all! The beautiful face I saw could be your own, if you are not...

Very Happy to be ALIVEonline now!

Very Happy to be ALIVE !

There is a small segment of a moment, when one first awakes, where the subconscious hands the ball off to the conscious. Like, wake up dude. During t...

My dream your interpretationonline now!

My dream - your interpretation ?

A while back, I had a vivid dream. I don't get them often, but they are very real like, when I do. In my dream I was leaving a party and talki...

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