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hope you could be happy everyday!...

Good Friends

Good Friends

Thanks for your friendship...



Everything is nicer when shared with a friend...

Pleased To Make Acquaintance

Pleased To Make Acquaintance

From Strangers To Friends.. With Warmest Regards.. I Am So Happy To Have Met Your Acquaintance!!...

Mee Kat

Mee Kat...

Hello there...How are you...mail me......

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For the Good Times

For the Good Times"

Kris Kristofferson - For the good times...

The Face

The Face

Wow! Just wow! Simply gorgeous! The Face by RyanDan Traveler of the great divides Vagrant on a path to life Everyday feels...

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Fireflies Friendshipsonline now!

Fireflies & Friendships

While I was standing in left field playing softball on Tuesday night a firefly (lightning bug) landed on my shoulder. I smiled, as it brought back ch...

value of friendship

"value of friendship ?"

it's no surprise that a boxer finds "friendship" hard to explain, and attaches high value to it ! if i ask myself when would i value "friendship"most,...

Artificial Friendship

Artificial Friendship?

I was newly struck by the artificial nature of being online after reading the responses on a recent blog named ‘Dinner For Six’. What part...

Todays Quote to Ponder

Today's Quote to Ponder


You have new friend requestsonline now!

You have new friend requests

I don't know about you, but when I click on this link, I see a list of about 30 people, who I've never seen before, requesting to be on my friends...

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