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Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful! Cheer Up! Expect A Miracle!...



Where there's no time for time......

Barossa Valley SA Adelaide

Barossa Valley, SA. Adelaide

A straight path never leads anywhere except to the objective (Andre Gide)...

Cross Roads Of Life

Cross Roads Of Life

On The Cross Roads Of Life.. In Search Of Pressing Answers.. Like Grasping Freedom, Happiness,& Love, With The Dim Light Of Dusk.. Wisdom Is The...

Game Of Life

Game Of Life

In The Game Of Life.. There Are No Regrets... Live Now.. Do Now.. All You Give Is All You Get, So Give It All You Got.. Do Your Very Best,And...

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Keha Tik Tok

Ke$ha Tik Tok

I like this song. Ke$ha is neither a bad or good singer. But the song is catchy to me. The lyrics is ok but could be better. I like the artist and the...

The Fairy Tree

The Fairy Tree

This is a collection of images exploring the minds of children and highly appropriate for this site!...

Haystak All by Myself

Haystak-All by Myself

Just going through life brother just died...

Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life

Lessons in life.Music Enya....

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what Has Turned My Life Around

what Has Turned My Life Around

After many years of struggling and being down more days then not I have realized the secret which has turned my...

Exposing yourself life death music reality toonline today!

Exposing yourself, life, death, music, reality, to

I want to expose you. No. Not like you're thinking. I want to expose you to something different, something much better, and somethi...

A heart warming story saving Valentinaonline today!

A heart warming story - saving Valentina

We can make a difference in what we choose to do in life and how we treat and affect others. Here's one example;

Bumper Sticker Philosopyonline today!

Bumper Sticker Philosopy

Today while running some errands, I was driving behind a car that had the following bumper sticker on it; "Do what you love. Love what you do." fol...

how much of it

"how much of it ?"

scientific research indicates correlation between testosterone (male sex harmone) levels in men's body and their risk taking behaviour! which means th...

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