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Winter House

Winter House

Winter House...

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is...

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Piet Veerman Goin Home

Piet Veerman- Goin Home

Piet Veerman- Goin Home...

Dublin Snow

Dublin Snow

Last years snow in one corner of Dublin....

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Im back

I'm back !

True, those may have been the words of Freddy Kruger. But, I'm not quite THAT bad. Instead, I just wanted you to know that I am...

Well wish me luck

Well, wish me luck

My bags are packed. No, not THOSE I mean my suitcases. Tomorrow I drive back home towards New Jersey. Man, while I've been her...

Astronauts back on earth again today

Astronauts back on earth again today

Today astronaut Scott Kelly retuned safely to earth after 340 days in space.

A Home At Lastonline today!

A Home At Last

At last I have my own place again. When I saw the place, I fell in love with it. It had been badly vandalized during the last year since the previous...

What A Drab Existence

What A Drab Existence!!

This is my first blog. I have been a member for several weeks. To date I have been contented only to read the blogs. Now I want to try my hand at it....

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