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A lover wants only to be in love’s presence, that ocean whose depth will never be known. Rumi...

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Wordsworths Poem Intimations of Immortality

Wordsworth's Poem: Intimations of Immortality

I read the poem Intimations of Immortality. Playing in the background is music which I originally made....

Paint Me With Your Artistry

Paint Me With Your Artistry

"Paint Me With Your Artistry" Know that I love you, in a manner of speaking That speaks poetically from deep within my heart In a manner tha...

Agalloch Where Shade Once Was

Agalloch - Where Shade Once Was

sad and beautiful song lyrics inspired by a poem (La Quercia Caduta/The Fallen Oak) by Giovanni Pascoli:

Moonspell Opium

Moonspell - Opium

Salve o poeta Fernando Pessoa!...

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The Dormant Child

The Dormant Child

Hidden under loose canopy a little boy waits to be unearthed and risen. Soaked with tears, yet compressed to satisfy the villagers pleas. He waits for...

a SnowFloW Freestyle

a SnowFloW Freestyle

yo...im sittin at ma laptop chillin Friday i get paid get ma cash guap then spend it im so poetic and floetic my flo style so ma...

We remember thank youonline now!

We remember & thank you

Yes, we remember and not just today, how you gave the ultimate sacrifice to help preserve the American way. You answered the call from our nation...

Try to remember

Try to remember

Why are the tears coming down like a raincloud's overhead? Why is my throat stinging, with all the words gone unsaid? And why is my head spinning, w...

I met heronline now!

I met her

I met a lovely angel the other night my God it felt so very right ! Her smile melted my heart I felt her warmth rig...

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