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I wish I had the guts to walk away and forget about what we had. But i can't, because i know you won't come after me, and i guess that's what hurts th...

ask no love

ask-no-love :"(

What's your definition of "LOVE"? Do you even know what "LOVE" feels like? I guess I don't know what does "LOVE" mean now Because... I lost "LOVE"...

where have you been

where have you been??

>>>> 'WHERE' HAVE <<<<< >>>>> 'YOU' BEEN? <<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I = 1000000% MISSED YOU!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<...

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Cheaters Fake

Cheaters! Fake?


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To Love Or Not To Love

To Love Or Not To Love

You can stay as you are for the rest of your life… or you can love again. If you don’t try something, you will never know what it is like. And you can...

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